Our Covid - 19 Policy

When the Covid - 19 pandemic began here in Ireland, our office team thoroughly researched different courses and plans on how we, as a business, could offer a safe and comfortable journey to each and everyone of our passengers. We are delighted to announce we are one of the few bus companies in Donegal who are safety chartered with Failte Ireland.




Our Safety protocols are as follows:

  • Hand sanitizing stations are available when entering & exiting the vehicle

  • Interiors of vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before & after each use - this includes touch surfaces

  • All our staff wear the correct PPE eg. Face coverings/ Masks

  • We have our very own system for Contact Tracing on a daily basis including school bus services

  • All our vehicles have the correct Covid -19 signage & communication

  • Each of our staff have successfully underwent the course: Return to Work Safely Protocol